Coconut Chutney

Introduction: Coconut Chutney

Coconut Chutney - Thengai Chutney -

It is sunny outside, yet cold. We are seated by a window overlooking a sleepy neighbourhood. We see the Minaret of a church in the background and this setting is very picturesque. A very good morning indeed in Wiesloch. The breakfast at Palatine's Premier was hearty and one of us has nothing better to do besides releasing a Coconut chutney made in India from Deutschland. Probably later in the day, we could take a walk to the world's oldest filling station. Ja, you read it right. This is the place where Mrs.Benz stopped to fuel her car while on long distance car trip in 1888. This trip happens to the first long distance car trip for everybody, Bertha, the car, the world.

Remember the pongal recipe we released four weeks ago? This coconut chutney accompanied it. We loved it and we hope you will too. Our coconut chutney recipe will yield 4 servings, with 174 kilocalories in each.

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