Coconut Headphones




Introduction: Coconut Headphones

I modified some old headphones so they looked like they were made from coconuts. First I cut the coconuts in half, then glued the headphones inside them. Then I made the top portion of the headphones  out of 2 white metal coat hangers. Next I drilled 2 small holes in the sides of each coconut half, where the metal top part was going to go in. I made the pads that go on your ears out of a circular piece of cardboard and a cut up old t-shirt. I sewed the shirt on, then stuffed it with cotton from an old pillow to make it comfortable for the ears. I made then white part on the top from a piece of a t shirt, sewn together also, so that it would look better and be more comfortable than just having metal on your head. Then I drilled a hole in some circular wooden pegs and glued them onto the holes in the coconuts, because I thought it looked better. Lastly, I put the coat hangers into the holes, bent them so they would stay in place, and glued the white ear pads onto the coconuts.

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    I love it! It looks like something The Professor on Gilligan's Island would have made - he was one of my childhood heros.