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Introduction: Coconut Hearts

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This is a recipe of a typical dessert in Spain. We call them "coconut palms", I don't really know why, so I just called them coconut hearts, which makes more sense.

Step 1: Ingredients

For the hearts:

1 Pastry sheet (mine was 35x35 cm)


For the topping:

60g Butter

40g Caster sugar

20g Coconut + needed for the end

Step 2: Preparing the Pastry

- Dust some sugar on the countertop, not too much because one of the sides must remain sticky in order to get the heart shape we want

- Put the pastry dough on the countertop and remove the paper

- On this side, dust about 6 tablespoons of sugar and press it in the dough using a roller

- Now make a line in the half of the dough (this mark will be the guide for folding the dough) pressing softly making sure you don't cut it

- Fold each side to the line you just made, dust some sugar and press both layers with the roller

- Repeat this step once more

- Now put both sides together so that you have a roll and dust some sugar on the outside

Step 3: Baking the Hearts

- Cut the rolled dough in 1cm thick strips and put them on a tray

- In order to make them look like a heart, separate the tips a little bit

- Bake them at 200ºC (390F) for about 15 minutes

Step 4: Coconut Topping

- Mix the creamed butter, caster sugar and dried coconut

- Spread the mix on each heart and add more dried coconut as topping

Step 5: Enjoy!

Keep them in the fridge during summer. Take them out of it a few minutes before eating them.

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