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Introduction: Coconut Husk Planter for Orchid

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Recently, I'm having an interest into cultivate an orchid. However, I don't have an orchid. Luckly, one day my friend heard my plead. He gave me plenty. (Wow, how big was my smile at that time!)
Now, the main question is how to plant it. My friend said that an orchid will look best in nature. It struck my brain an idea. There is a coconut palm that I grow near my house. Why not I use the coconut husk for the planter. Plus, it will look NATURAL.

Step 1: Items


An orchid stem
A coconut husk
A coil of iron wire

A wire cutter

Step 2: The Wire

1. I cut the wire about a foot using the cutter.
2. Then, I insert the wire through the husk from the back.
3. I make a twist of the wire so that it can hold the orchid stem.

Step 3: The Stem

1. I carefully insert the stem through the hold made by the twisted wire.
2. I make sure the stem is sturdy so that it will not fall off.
3. The remainder of the wire which poke out of the back, I fashion it as a hook.

Step 4: The Soaking

1. I soak it in a bucket of water to moist the husk.

2. Lastly, I find an appropriate place to hang it.

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    what then, when its grows up? The roots are exposed so the orchid will dry out? :/

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    Thanks for the comment.
    It's the miracle of orchid. The roots absorb moisture from the humidity of air as long as we place the orchid under the shade. If the air is too dry then the orchid will become dormant or like you said it'll dry out because the orchid is a species usually found in hot and humid places like the tropic.

    Wow.. that's awesome :D i would love to give it a try, thanks for the feed back

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    very good idea, I would use half the coconut for more room to grow.

    1 reply

    Thanks for the comment.
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