Coconut Micro SD Bracelet

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The 'Coconut Micro SD Bracelet' is useful for 'Micro SD Card Holder'.

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Step 1: These Are Coconut Shell Pieces

Take a coconut shell pieces and smooth with sand paper.

Step 2: Flex Kwik Glue

Use 'Flex Kwik Glue' on coconut shell pieces for good look.

Step 3: Holes and Threads

Make a holes on coconut shell pieces than attach with thread for making bracelet.

Step 4: Now Attach the Micro SD Card Reader Case

On back side of coconut shell piece attach the micro sd card reader case to the coconut shell pieces because to insert the micro sd card. Follow the pics.

Step 5: Looks Like These

Follow the pics. Thank You

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    8 Discussions

    TM ARUN KUMARcoeptis

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I purchased coconut from a shop and i have broken the coconut into pieces, I have removed the Endosperm (Kernel) and Coco Water from coconut, than remaining part will be coconut shell.

    TM ARUN KUMARamberrayh

    Reply 1 year ago

    i used small drill bits and drill machine for making holes. before making a hole i have applied a feviquick on coconut shells because it protect coconut shell for becoming damage on edges.

    This looks like the next James Bond style invention. Sneaking things through the border in a MicroSD under a bracelet. Look for this prject, in a theater near you!


    Interesting, it just need a necklace to read the microSD, thanks for sharing.