Coconut Waffels With Blackberrie Sour Cream Recipe



400g flour

500ml milk

250g warm butter

125g brown sugar

125g normal sugar

100g coconut rasp

5 eggs

2 packs vanilla sugar

a half pack bakin powder

150g Blackberries

1 cup shank

50g powder sugar

Step 1: Preparation

Mix the baking powder, coconut rasp and the flour in a bowl. Mix the normal & the brown sugar. Put the eggs in a bowl and mix them. Give the sugar & the butter to it and stir it. Add the vanilla sugar and a bit flour and stir. Add the rest of the flour step by step. Now give the milk to it step by step. The dough is now ready for the waffle iron.

Step 2: Finish

Put the blackberries in a cup and stir them with a mixer. Remove the cores in a colander. Give a cup of sour cream and the powder sugar to the blackberries and stir it together.

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