Coconut Candle Holder




Introduction: Coconut Candle Holder

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TriCoconut candle holder

Step 1: Assembly

You will need 3 half coconut shells and some joining wire.
- drill two holes in each shell as shown in pic
- join shells with wire

Final Notes:
Works great with tea lights or any pillar candles.



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    I have been using coconuts as tea-candle holders for years, best thing i have found is to use sand(river sand) on the bottom, and just place the tealight on top, dampen/wet the sand and add a couple of drops of aroma therapy oil to the sand, personally i have never had any problems with it catching alight or burning, and does smell nice.

    but as always, it is just what works for me.

    I made a hanging coconut shell candle holder once when I lived in a trailer. After several uses, the wax saturated the coconut shell material. Fortunately, I woke up when it all caught fire and sent flaming pieces of shell raining down on the table right next to the curtains.

    I think it would be cool looking, and (maybe) set a romantic mood for you & your sweetheart. :P

    Nice Idea but I would put a metal or ceramic insert in the bottom of each coconut, tealights can get extremely hot and do set fire to things. My wife used to work for the police and has been to fire scenes where peoples tealights have melted through the casing of a TV and set light to the insides! prehaps you could make a wrinkled loop of wire in the bottom of each one so that air could circulate under the tealight Pete

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    I usually keep good attendance to all the candles I have lit, but very good point on safety. It would be an easy mod.

    And, to solve the fire problem, they float!. You can set them adrift in your bathtub, hot tub, or pool and they wil never set fire to anything. Simple, sturdy, reusable, and recycled. Excellent.

    looks really nice