Coffee: a Confused Intern's Guide

Introduction: Coffee: a Confused Intern's Guide

Picture this. You just landed your dream internship at a respectable company. However, what you were unaware of is that everyone expects the intern to make the coffee daily. You have a problem. You never actually learned the process on how to make it. Worse yet, you have never actually had coffee before! What do you do then? Well, instead of panicking, there is another solution to your problem! These short, easy-to-read guidelines will help you to understand the process fully and make a great impression on your first day on the job!

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Step 1: Gather Materials

  • 1 coffee maker
  • 1 coffee filter
  • Coffee grounds (1 tbsp per 6 oz of water)
  • 1-12 cups water (depending on size of coffee maker)
  • Mugs for serving coffee

Step 2: Measure Water Using the Coffee Pot

Measure 1 to 12 cups depending on how large your pot is. You will typically want a full pot in the morning, as many people will be drinking coffee. A half pot would be more appropriate if only a couple people are drinking.

Step 3: Pour Water Into Reservoir

Add the water to the reservoir, which is typically located on the back of the coffee maker. Empty the pot completely.

Step 4: Place Coffee Pot on Hot Plate

Place the coffee pot into the coffee maker, nested on the hot plate.

Step 5: Measure Grounds

Typically, you should use one tablespoon per 6 oz of water. However, your coffee may have a different suggestion on the packaging.

Step 6: Put Grounds Into Coffee Filter

By placing the grounds in the filter, you avoid accidentally spilling grounds into the reservoir. You only need to use one coffee filter per brew.

Step 7: Place Filter in the Coffee Maker

Place the filter in the coffee maker. Adjust the water spout so that it is over the grounds and close the lid.

Step 8: Start the Coffee Maker

On most units, there is a simple start, go, or on button. Different brands may have timers or other useful features. You will know it starts because coffee will slowly start to drip from the reservoir.

Step 9: Wait Until the Dripping Ceases

You will want to wait until it is fully brewed before serving. Some units will stop the drip process when you remove the unit, but for best quality you should wait until it has finished.

Step 10: Throw the Filter Away

You do not want to accidentally leave the filter in the pot for sanitary reasons. Dispose of both the filter and the spent grounds.

Step 11: Pour Into Mugs for Serving

Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. Warning — Contents may be hot.

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