Coffee Bar Scrub

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Coffee is good for your skin so make this bar for the shower!!

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Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

All you need for this simple coffee bar is:

•1/2 cup corn starch
•1/2 cup sugar
•1 cup coffee
•water in spray bottle

Step 2: Pour in a Large Bowl

Step 3: Mix

Mix. I used my hands to make shore that there were no clumps.

Step 4: Spray

Spray the mix little by little so that it does not clump. Spray then mix over and over until it is damp.

Step 5: Pour

Pour the damp mix into your mold. And press down very hard until ferm. Then wait an hour to let it sit

Step 6: Dump

After the hour give it a final mist of water then gently turn it over it should fall out. Then give it a light mist and you are done!!

Step 7: Enjoy!!!!


~ -fluffybunny-

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Yes it will I have dry skin and I use this coffee scrub and a ruff shower towel and it relly helps. ;)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice. Will this remove my "elephant skin" elbows that my wife hates so much? If so, I might give this a go!


    5 years ago

    Take it into the shower to scrub your skin. It helps get dead skin off a smooths it out.. Enjoy


    5 years ago

    Thank you every one who helped me find the perfect recipe.