Coffee Cup - Ceiling Aid (2x)





Introduction: Coffee Cup - Ceiling Aid (2x)

Drilling into your ceiling is bad enough without all the debris dropping into your eyes and onto your precious floor.
Painting your ceiling is bad enough too, all the paint drips onto your hands and onto your furniture.

Don't postpone your project any longer! Just drink a cup of coffee and start your project!

Step 1: What You Need.

Obviously, since this is an entry for the "Coffee Cup Challenge", you will need one empty coffee cup (make sure it's made of paper!).
Drill or punch a small hole into the bottom of the cup.

Step 2: How It Works.

Stick your drill or paint brush through the hole and get your project done!

Coffee Cup Challenge

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    54 Discussions

     Great tip!
    I used to have a cut off bottom of a 2L cola bottle that I used for this purpose.
    Now I'm slapping my forehead, thinking "Why didn't I think of this"  LOL

    1 reply

    Would work even better I guess...
    Just wait for the Coca Cola Challenge, you'll get your chance. Meanwhile, don't tell anybody!  ;-)

    Nice to hear! You know, with DIY, as long as it does the job (no need to look good and do a bad job).

    What's your concern? Is it not safe because you have one finger less to grip or because your finger is closer to the drill?

     both. Does the cup ever spin fast and come off? Do you think you could upload a video of it in use?

    Your finger is always more than 3 cm from the drill (the edge of the cup), so it is unlikely. In the event you should touch it, there is no problem. You can touch a concrete drill while it is rotating because the sides are blunt (just as long as you don't want to stop it with your fingers). With metal or wood this is different. The only worry is your hair or sleeves.
    Holding the drill with one finger less has never caused any problems as the drill does not really "bite"in concrete. 90% handling is done by the hand that operates the button.
    A video, I would have to drill a hole in my ceiling for demonstration purposes...
    The cup does not come of.

    I can see that this (to me, for me) is only brilliant for short fix its, if I were drilling through drywall all day I would just get safety glasses (like you should be wearing, along with a resperator of course) and, well, deal with it until it's finished. This is a genius mod, I hope you dont take this statement as an insult, just pointing out where I would go wrong with it.

    2 replies

    No insult, cause your remarks are mostly valid. It's never intended to be a "professional" solution.