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This is my entry in the Coffee Cup Challenge.  In this Instructable I will  demonstrate how to make a simple drip coffee maker out of two coffee cups, a coffee filter and a cup lid.  Oh yeah, something sharp to cut with is also required. Ready?  Let's get started.

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Step 1: Cut Out the Top of the Lid

This is simple to do with a sharp knife, just be careful and don't cut yourself.  You can also experiment by cutting less of the top out to allow the coffee to take longer to filter through the lid to make stronger coffee.

Step 2: Cut Out the Bottom of One Cup.

This cup will be the filter basket for the coffee maker.  You will pour the hot water (carefully!)  through the cut out bottom.

Step 3: Attach Filter

Attach the filter by placing it on top of the cup with the bottom still intact and put the modified lid on top of it.  This will hold the lid in place while the coffee is brewing.

Step 4: Brew Some Coffee

Place the cup with the filter on top of the unmodified cup.  Add coffee and hot water (be careful!) to your new coffee maker.

Step 5: Check Progress.

Lift up the top cup to ensure that all of the coffee has made it through the filter.

Step 6: Enjoy!


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    7 Discussions


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I'm thinking you did something wrong there... there aren't any "sides" for the coffee to dump out of. The rim of the drip-cup lid goes inside the bottom cup, funneling the dripping coffee into the drinking-cup. Looks like a great idea, to me, and I might just try it soon!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Still, if you do what the instructable shows, there's no "side" for the coffee to dump out of. Then again, I haven't done this particular instructable.

    Same cups?
    A lot of cup-lid combos straight from the manufacturer are just garbage.
    I go to drink & they dribble down my shirt. >.<
    Did you hold the filter vertical against the top cup or let it droop down around the drinking cup? Oh was it just wicking out all around the edge?

    I bet this would work great with a mason jar on top. That would seal well Im sure.

    Also I never used a cloth filter. Seems coffee filters are rather a waste. What about washing & re-using silk filters?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Briliant and awesome, this make me an idea for survival water filter. Many thanks