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Introduction: Coffee Cup Cozy

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This felt coffee cup cozy can be made in just a couple of hours. They make excellant stocking stuffers for Christmas. You can personalize them for family and friends too! 

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Step 1: Supplies

To make one of these coffee cozies, you will need a couple sheets of felt. The solid colors are less than 50 cents and the prints are around a dollar. you will also need embroidery floss, straight pins, scissors, an embroidery needle and a cardboard coffee cozy to use as a pattern.

Step 2: Cut Felt

This step is easy. Gently take the cardboard cozy apart where it's glued together. Flatten out and pin to a sheet of felt. Pin. Cut out and repeat with another piece of felt. Save the smaller sections of felt for designs on another, contrasting cozy.  

Step 3: Design

Cut out small shapes or letters and embroider them on the top layer only.

Step 4: Bottom Layer

trim both of the short sides of the bottom layer 1/4".

Step 5: Pin Ends Together

Using the cardboard cozy as a guide, fold the felt cozy and pin short ends together.

Step 6: Blanket Stitch

Embroider a blanket stitch around the top and bottom of cozy, through both layers. Embroider the exposed sidealso.  I've included a link on how to embroider a blanket stitch.

Step 7: Finished Coffee Cozy

Here you go! I bet you know several people who would love one of these cute coffee cozies,

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    These are great! Something my kids and I can make together. Very clear directions.