Coffee Cup O' Holiday Cheer





Introduction: Coffee Cup O' Holiday Cheer

Who doesn’t want a cup o’ cheer around the holidays? Something to warm the cockles. I stumbled upon this concoction during Christmas when I actually had a stocked liquor cabinet, access to an espresso machine and too much time on my hands.

What’s needed:
1 Large Mug
1 pot of coffee
1 Espresso shot
2 shots of Captain Morgans
1 shot Kahlua
1 shot Baileys

It’s simple. Start with a half full mug of coffee. Add other ingredients. Serve warm. There is a lot of alcohol in this drink, but the flavors compliment each other and it doesn’t have the boomerang effect. This brew packs a wallop, but with enough caffeine to keep one wrapping gifts.  Drink responsibly, be of age and avoid the urge to operate heavy machinery after a couple of these.



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    this looks disturbingly yummy hehe .. looking forward to trying it.