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In this instructable you will learn how how to a make great speaker out of a coffee cup. This speaker will connect through a headphone jack and is very good for playing songs for friends loudly. This will produce more sound than just putting a headphone in a cup and will only cost you about a dollar more. Credit to fungus amungus and some others that have made stuff like this for the idea. I hope you find this helpful and please vote for me in the coffee cup contest.

Step 1: What You Need

Scissors or Wire Cutters
Soldering Iron (If you want)
Electrical Tape
Coffee Cup (Any Size)
Musical Card

Step 2: Stab Hole

Flip over the coffee cup and stab a little hole in it.

Step 3: Cut

Now take the headphones and cut the ear pieces off after the place where the wires seperate into two.

Step 4: Cut Again

Now rip open the musical card and cut at the bottom of the wires and take out the speaker.

Step 5: Strip and Twist

Now use a wire stripper and strip off then ends of the wires on both the speakers and earphones. Now twist the wires of the speakers and earphones together. If you choose you can solder these wires together.

Step 6: Tape It

Put some electrical tape around the wires.

Step 7: Stick It in the Hole

Take the end of the wire and stick it in the hole and pull it all the way through. Once it is all the way through attach it to the bottom I used glue but tape works too. Now you are done so stick it into your music playing machine and have fun.



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I had one like that (best 2 or 3 bucks I ever spent at the firehouse yardsale) and loved it, then my mom took it and used it for work, then my dad took it and threw it against a wall. We still haven't found it and we cant remember what brand it was. This may sound weird, but what's the brand name of that one? we're wanting to get another one. (we've seen em on ebay when mine was still working)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Lol awesome story! Its the Zen V Plus by the company Creative. I hope you can still find one!