Coffee Cutting Board

Introduction: Coffee Cutting Board

This is a epoxy cutting board with coffee beans in the middle.


Coffee beans
Wood for frame
Packing Tape
Casting epoxy resin

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Step 1: The Cutting Board Frame

First I built a wooden frame the size I wanted the cutting board to be. Then I put packing tape around the edge and bottom of the frame, so the epoxy wouldn't stick when trying to remove from the frame.

Step 2: Mixing Epoxy With Coffee Beans

I put the coffee beans in the frame, then added the epoxy and hardener, mixed together as instructed by label. I mixed the coffee beans with epoxy till like soup and spread it evenly to dry.

Step 3: Last Step

Then after it dried I poured more epoxy resin over the first layer, and let it dry. After it dried I pulled frame off and sanded it as I wanted. I was thinking of having a handle, but decided I wanted it square.

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    5 weeks ago

    I didn't know that resin doesn't stick to packing tape, good to know!