Coffee Filter Hack




Introduction: Coffee Filter Hack

When machinery lets you down, ingenuity picks you up.

Step 1: Plunger Broke at the Critical Moment?

I like coffee. I REALLY like coffee. so when this happened, and no instant in the house, What To Do?

Step 2: Filter

Coffee Filters are also made of paper, EH? But where to find paper in a kitchen?

Step 3:

Wet paper, and mould to top of vessel. Make sure the paper clings to the side of the jug or it'll fall in. You can do this straight into the cup, but I was making 2 cups.

Step 4:

Add coffee, to taste.
be gentle

Step 5:

Add water, Gently!

Step 6: Take Time to Appreciate What You've Done

let her drip

Step 7: Dispose of Waste

Step 8: Pour and Enjoy

sweet release

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    23 Discussions

     The amount of coffee beans to water ratio is fantastic.

    I see you like your rocket fuel.

    i LOVE coffee 2. i mean i REALLY REALLY LOVE COFFEE !!!!!!!!. nice ible though i actually just did this and i was wondering if there was an ible for it so i looked it up here. :)

    What does the comment mean that appears when the mouse is over the picture: "just like a woman, if you go to (too) hard...?" Sexist?

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    step seven looks like a diper thats been on for awhile

    aw, no crema from drip coffee. :P no fun!

    This is great. Coffee is my life and this is the newest part of it. I've been meaning to buy a french press for a long time because, well, it's a very pure way to make a nice fresh cup. This inspires me to simply make my own. I never thought of it as simply as a carafe and a filter. Ta-da! thanks so very much.

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    Drip coffee is very different from french press coffee in taste and composition. The extraction is not quite the same. Be aware that paper towels can retain acids or bleach compounds or inks that may not be good to put in the body especially every morning and may affect the way the coffee tastes. Buy a new plunger or french press!

    Back in the Day ! there was was is called Cow Boy Coffee . The Cow Boy would put coffee ground in one of his old socks and tie a knot in the top of it throw it in to a pot of boiling water for a few minuets then drink his coffee be for packing up camp. Personally I would suggest just get a new sock that has not been worn or washed in any detergent to avoid any bad tasting coffee.

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    your both wrong. In order to have good cowboy coffee, the sock has to be "broken in" and by that I mean you wear it all day and all night and the next morning put in your pot XD

    I've just discovered that using a coffee machine and using toilet paper instead of a filter does NOT work, repeat...Does NOT. It was messy :)

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    This does work indeed. Did you consider, however, just making coffee like you normally would and then pouring it through a strainer after 4 minutes? (:

    You could make hobo coffee, boil water in a sauce pan, take off the heat and sprinkle coffee grounds over the top. Put on the lid and let it set for a few minutes to soak the coffee grounds in. To get the grounds to the bottom, use COLD water, you can mix ice into the water if you have some. Use whatever kitchen tool on hand to sprinkle cold water over the top of the coffee. Could be a slotted spoon, small colander, something with holes to distribute the water as evenly as possible. Only use as much water as nessecary to keep the coffee hot. Use a ladle and take the coffee from the top and do not stir it up. Do this right and you will have one of the best cups of coffee you ever had. I ladle out the coffee into another pan and put it on low heat. It is an easy cleanup, just throw the grounds in your garden and rinse out the pan.

    LOL, if that happened and I hadn't had my coffee yet, I'd just curl up in a ball on the floor and cry until men with butterfly nets took me away.