Coffee Lovers Keychain.




Introduction: Coffee Lovers Keychain.

This Instructable is my first so i hope you enjoy it,
 it's for anyone who either:

1. Wants a cool Keychain
2. Loves Coffee / Hot Chocolate.etc
3. Wants to help the earth and it's problems
4. Is bored and wants a new key chain! :P

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Step 1: Whats Needed.

For this instructable you will need very few things these include:

1.  Coffee Cup ( $0.35 what a ripoff...)
2.  Glue (optional)
3.  Key Ring
1. Scissors
2. Exacto knife (optional)
3. Marker, pen, pencil.etc

Step 2: Cutting the Base

First mark the spot where you want to cut it should be at the base.
Its a little hard for me to explain so please look at the pictures, I tried to make them as easy to understand as possible although its pretty self explanatory.

Step 3: Pick the Picture

Know you need to find the picture that you want to use.
 It would be great to use the Starbucks logo since its round XD
but you could use any picture you want!
I used the picture on my cup.

Step 4: Get the Picture Ready.

Once you have your picture trace the bottom part that you had cut and cut it out!

Step 5: Attaching the Picture!

Once you picture is cut out and fits well in the circle. Push it in.
My picture snugly fit and would probably stay in place,
but just to be sure i added some glue around it.

Step 6: Makeing a Message.

On the back you have two choices either glue a picture on or write a message.
A picture i don't think would turn out as good so i wrote my name. XD
Just remember if you're writing a message DO NOT write:

If found call ***-***-**** because then its extremely simple to find out where you live and,
They have your keys ;D

Step 7: Makeing a Hole...

This part is pretty self explanatory get a drill or a sharp object and poke/drill a hole into the side.
Once the hole has enough space for the ring to fit in and move around a little, Your good to go
attach it to your keys and show it off!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Don't forget to vote for me in the coffee cup challenge contest ( I really want to win XD )