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Introduction: Coffee Machine Watertank Hack

So I bought myself this new coffeemachine (Tschibo Cafissimo). Everything good, but it has this tiny, small, little watertank, which is not so easy to take out because it sort of snaps into place and has a stupid angle for doing that. If you drink more than two small cups of espresso you will have to fill the watertank again.

This wont do. I drink a lot of coffee and wont be bothered by filling the tank every few minutes.

So I made this little hack (sorry at this stage I didnt take any pictures). Its actually really simple: two holes, a connecting rubber pipe and one of those watertanks airtight. So that the tank doesnt overflow (in german we say: communicating vessels, dont know if that also works in english).

Works really nice!

I tested it for some time until one night I thought: descaling!

Step 1:

No biggie.

Another hole, a rubber thing that is a bottle cork and some sugru.

Step 2:

Always remember if you drill holes on slippery surface use some tape to 1) mark the place and to 2) keep the boring bit from slipping.

Then start with your smallest drill bit and work upwards.

In the end I also used some of my files to make the hole the right size.

Step 3:

Here is the endresult.

Not beautiful but works really well.

As you can see the water level has risen to the top on the second tank, but that doesnt matter, as it is water tight thanks to Sugru.



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    or, you could use one of these to prevent overflow..!pla!!!113525010799!g!!49842551719!&ef_id=VmsrpwAAAFmELz7x:20151227025829:s

    1 reply

    Sure. But I wanted to work with things that I already had and secondly, more important, the intial watertank is really small. At least here where I live these things are quite big, no way I could have fitted it into that small tank.

    Couldn't you have just connected the two vessels with a siphon? Put a check valve in the middle and water will only flow one way.

    1 reply

    Probably. But I wanted to work with what I already had. But it's a good idea. Maybe someone is going to try it.

    Can it also be done without drilling, I mean using the law of communicating vessels?

    2 replies

    Hi, I think my reply dissapeared, so I am writing this again :-)

    I think you can also do it without drilling, but the problem would be that you have to get one container airtight. Assuming that you are facing the same situation as me: the smaller container has to be airtight. Otherwise it overflows (water wants to level out in these vessels ... school's already over for a long time. But internets will explain). Would be interested to hear about your solution.

    Just put a tube in the original vessel, down under, the other end in de annex-vessel and get (or suck) water in the tube, there has to be no air in the tube between both vessels.
    Even better - and not necessary to suck the water though the tube, is having the second water level at the maximum height of the primary vessel: then the water level will always be the highest.

    Clever hack. The only thing that I might suggest is setting the hose a little lower on the reserve tank. The way that it is set right now, the water below the tube has no way of getting into the coffee maker. It will just stop flowing when it reaches that point. So it is capacity that you can't utilize. You could fix this by making the tube longer so that it reaches the bottom of the external tank. This will create a siphon that will suck out all the water into the coffee maker.

    1 reply

    Thank you.
    Ok, good idea. Will try.
    I was planning to have the connecting tube much lower, but somehow in the excitement ... As it is now I have to refil once or twice a week, so its also ok. But will try your suggestion, makes sense.