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Introduction: Coffee Milk (RI State Drink)

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I grew up in Rhode Island and I have been living out of state for about five years now. I don't know if other states have state drinks but I do know that Rhode Island's state drink is Coffee Milk. Rumor has it, if you go just ten minutes into Massachusetts or Connecticut and order a coffee milk people will not know what you are talking about. Needless to say, it was hard to come by in Philadelphia and impossible in San Francisco.

This recipe doesn't come out quite like the Autocrat brand coffee milk, but I got pretty darn close.

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

Coffee Grounds


Sugar or Corn Syrup (I never said it was healthy)

Coffee Filters (3)

Pour Over Cone


Drinking Glasses (2)

Step 2: Super Concentrated Coffee

There are multiple ways to do this step. You could probably use espresso if you wanted.

Boil some water and make a cup of coffee. Now, compost those grounds and run the coffee through the filter again with more coffee grounds. Repeat this three or four times. I ran the coffee through each batch of grounds twice before replacing it.

Each time you run the coffee through the grounds it will be slower and slightly less effective. It might be a good idea to reheat the coffee in the microwave between each round of brewing. I didn't do this but I think it might help.

Step 3: Sweeten and Thicken

I used corn syrup for this but sugar of any kind would probably work just fine. People say to use a 2 to 1 ratio of coffee to sugar but I went lighter than that, because I prefer a little more bitterness. If you are using corn syrup you can mix it cold but if you choose to use granular sugar you will likely need to heat the coffee on the stove to mix it.

Step 4: Mix It Up

The ratio of syrup to milk is really up to you. I used about 4 tablespoons for the pint jar glass I was using. It also depends how strong your coffee syrup is.

Step 5: Enjoy

Most Rhode Islanders use coffee syrup for making coffee milk but there are many uses. It is great on ice cream, waffles and some like it in yogurt.



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I found it interesting since the coffee can be replaced by other ingredients and different flavored syrups can be made. Thanks for the idea!

I found it interesting since the coffee can be replaced by other ingredients and different flavored syrups can be made. Thanks for the idea!

I found it interesting since the coffee can be replaced by other ingredients and different flavored syrups can be made. Thanks for the idea!

Thanks for this! I love exploring new beverages...and I'd also never heard of it.

I grew up in NH and have had it before. I'm pretty sure you can find the syrup online, but I dig the resourcefulness.

This sounds really good and of course as a Bay Area native, I've never heard of it! I do have a question though: Is it just me, or is there a packet of gelatin in your first photo? If so is that added in? Apologies if I missed mention of it in the instructions. :)

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You are correct, I thought I was going to need it but it turned out to be unnecessary. Very observant of you.

You can ordered it online now from Autocrat...I live in Delaware and we order it every is wonderful....

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When I was a freshman in college in NY, I used to go home with a friend of mine from RI and quickly learned to love coffee milk. Thanks to your poste, I now know why I have never, ever seen coffee syrup outside of RI. As "Manape" mentioned down below, I have been using instant coffee and sugar with milk in the blender to as a reasonable substitute when I need my coffee milk fix.

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That said, I am going to give your method a try so that I will have a bottle of syrup in the fridge as that is clearly more convenient than getting out the blender. Thanks for the Instructable!

brings back memories for this RI born lady! thank you so much for sharing!

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3 years ago

In Portugal we brew an expresso onto hot milk.
Here I been using instant espresso coffee.

I meant they have Autocrat

Have you tried Amazon
They have it will ship to your door

I am going to definitely need some!!!