Coffee Mug Display



A Christmas gift, I really hope they like it. Just really bored and was looking on Pinterest and saw that most of them were really bulky so I changed it up a bit. Hope you guys like it as well.

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Step 1: Tools Needed

Miter saw, hammer, drill, tape measure, stencils and pencil

Step 2: Materials Needed

2 pallets, 9 coat hangers, and some screws. Length of the screws are determined by how thick of wood you have. I went with an inch and a quarter

Step 3: Get Your Pallets Disassembled

I am not going to show pictures of disassembled pallets or tell you how to do it. There a 500 instructables on how to do that.

Step 4: Get the Wood You Want

I found a really good pallet at work so I snatched it up. I went with wider pieces

Step 5: Cut the Wood

I went with 20 inches wide in the front and I went with 21 1/2 inches on the back Cut yours to desired length

Step 6: Putting It Together

Lay your 21 1/2 inch boards vertically the lay your 20 in boards on it horizontally. Put a 1/4 inch gap in between each board and use your nail gun and shoot one nail per side. Flip it over and take your screws and screw the vertical wood to the horizontal wood.

Step 7: Sanding and Staining

Pretty much self explanatory, except with staining if you want it darker wait a couple hours and put another coat on. I went ahead and I am sticking to only one coat.

Step 8: Stencil

Once you have the stain to your desired color take your stencil and tape it on your top piece of wood. I am horrible at spray painting so i am trying out my sisters cricut. I’m must say if you are a hobbyist or a DIYourselfer this thing is a must have, and yes DIYourselfer is a word that I just made up. So stencil or cricut get what you like and apply it to the wood. If you use Cricut I would recommend mod podge to keep it down and glued.

Step 9: Polyurethane

Once you have your stencil on it is now time to poly the wood. It will give it that shine it needs to stand out

Step 10: Add Your Hooks and Hangers.

After your poly dries, you will want to put on your hangers on the back so you can hang it on the wall. Once you do that you will want to put your coffee mug hooks on. Once you do that hang it on the wall and put those coffe mugs up for everyone to see

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