Coffee Table



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I have always been a fan of the minimalist and the simple. This is a brief presentation on some data from my own coffee table.

Step 1: Materials

We will work with agglomerate the following measures.

31.5 x 17 (inches) X1

17 x 10 (inches) X2

22.7 x 10 (inches) X1

-Screws 2inches

-aluminum tubes

-wood glue


Step 2: SCREWS

Insert 3 long screws. To the measure of 8 inches.

Step 3: Support

Because the first structure is weak. We put two tubes of aluminum of 57 cm, crossed to strengthen the structure. As if we were building a bridge.
Hold the tubes with screws.

Step 4: Table

This part is easy and maybe you have another idea, right? Well, you can use wood glue or props down. But you never pierce the board because you will ruin the design.



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