Coffee Table Made From Bicycle Rims



Coffee table made from bicycle rims

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Step 1: Coffee Table Made From Bicycle Rims

i2 shock-bike wheels the (mine is 26 inches), each half the distance, we nest on condition that leave even the rim holes (inside left wheel sits in the wheel elliptical yawn) .jant hole according to the rim with a thin 2 screws and nuts at the sabitleriz.jant each other full uyar.sehp tray if the valve inlet hole a little geniş by screws to the bottom the valve hole in the tripod legs to stabilize the appropriate screws and nuts with yaparız.b this screw bike rear wheel hub screws and nuts with yaptım.bisiklet rear axle I was large I cut thin chipboard (hairs with saws) .es in a cabinet mount an old bicycle fork for the left and right tilt of kullandım.sehp the table as a table base (24 wheels) ranges açtım.maş the pipe kestim.maş pipe and stand up an old handlebar neck for the play of each sabitledim.bisiklet tongs I dig into my fork cut kullandım.b (where I cut the switch to the handlebar tube of handlebars neck) .selam are, respect ..

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