Coffee Table Transformed Into a Kids Chalkboard Table




This instructable shows you how my wife turned a $5.00 yardsale coffee table into a play table for our kids. Honestly I was very skeptical about this! I was pleasantly surprised with the result!!

Step 1: Materials Needed....

1 - Old Coffee Table

2 - Sanding Pad Or Paper (which ever you prefer)

3 - Paintbrush & Roller

4 - Large Sheet Of Plastic

5 - Paint Of Your Color Choice

6 - Chalkboard Paint

7 - New Drawer Pull (If Needed Or Wanted)

Step 2: Remove Drawer Pull & Sand

First, remove the drawer pull by opening the drawer and taking the screw out. Then sand the coffee table to remove any rough places or scratches. This doesn't have to be perfect! Sand as much or as little as you want. Your own expectation is the only one that has to be met here! (You may also need to use wood putty to fill in any dents or dings in the wood. If you need to use the putty, allow the putty to completely dry and sand your table again.)

Step 3: Time to Paint....

Now lay down your plastic so paint doesn't get everywhere. Stir your paint & mix well. Paint all of your table except for the top and let dry. You may have to paint using a few coats. Next up mix the chalkboard paint and paint the top, again this may take a few coats! After the paint is dry put the new drawer pull on.

Step 4: Get Some Chalk and Enjoy Your Chalkboard Table!

This was a great project that only took about a day to complete. My kids & I have love playing on the table. I really hope you enjoyed this! Thanks for checking this out!!

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    kevenr17Xing wu

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I did surprise me how well it turned out!! I wasn't really sure how well the chalkboard paint would work. THAT STUFF IS AWESOME! It works well and after many cleanings it is still holding up! I am glad you enjoyed this! Thank you!


    4 years ago

    There are so many of these I always see on the curve ready for the trash. You gave it a new life. Great job!!

    1 reply