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Hey everyone!

I wanted a small coffee table to be in my living room So i went a head and built one!

Enjoy !

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Step 1: Mix Cement and Sand in a Box

Take two cement packs and half a kilo of sand and mix it together with water

Step 2: Create the Pole

I have bought 4 poles ( was long one but i cut it )

Made sure it`s the same height, and attached them all to some bas ei build ( from wood )

Step 3: Drown It !

Once you finished mixing the mixture of sand , water , and cement

" Drown " the base of the legs and make sure it sitting good

Step 4: Check With Leveler

Make sure it`s the same height

Let it dry for 12 hours and then poor 1/2 a liter of water to the cement - it will obserb in it - that way the cement will be stronger

Step 5: After Two Days

Seems good

Step 6: Remove the Plastic Box

Slowly remove the plastic box from the table

Clean the sides and remove leftovers

Step 7: Paint the Legs

Choose some random color, and paint the legs

Use a duck tape to mark the exact place fo

Step 8: Remove the Duck Tape

Step 9: Paint It!

i painted it , 3 layers

Let it dry between one layer and the other

Step 10: Padding

Add beneath the legs some padding , for it to move easy

Step 11: Done!

It was a fun quick project!

Let me know what you think


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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago

    "Hey honey, I'm gonna bake some cakes.... have you seen the whisk" "erm......" amazing how many kitchen things work great in the workshop!


    4 years ago

    so simple and elegant! love it! was the plastic bin difficult to remove? in the photo it looks like some chips came off?


    Reply 4 years ago


    Thanks for the comment , it was very easy to remove, thought it would stick to it , but all i had to do was shake it a bit , and it removed almost perfectly

    Yes, a few chips broke , but it`s very easy to fix, since all you need to do is make a bit more cement mix , apply it , let it dry , sand it , and your` done



    Reply 4 years ago