Coffee and Tea Cup - Tags



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Intro: Coffee and Tea Cup - Tags

Those easy made cup-tags are perfect for a coffee or tea present, or for a friend that loves coffee (or tea)!

Step 1: What You Need

Here is what you need:

Coffee tag

- paper
- pen
-washi-tape / or colourful paper

Tea tag

- paper
- pen
-washi-tape / or colourful pap
-teabag or tea filter

Step 2: Design Your Mugs

How do you want to design your "cups"? You can take my design, but maybe the colours don´t fit to the rest of your present, and you need to change the design.

Step 3: Coffee Tag

Cut out your cup and a grey strip.(see a picture step2 "what you need")

Glue the grey strip to the cup.

Add Washitape or colourful paper to make your cup colourful!

Write "Coffee", or your freinds name etc. on the cup.

Step 4: Tea Tag

Cut out a card (see a picture step2 "what you need") and a grey square.

Draw a teapot or tea cup to the tea filter and cut it out.

Now glue the grey square on the card and the teapot/teacup to the grey square. Draw some lines over the teapot, so it seems that the tea is hot. If you decide to make a tea cup, draw a tea bag into the cup.

Add some washitape or colourful paper.

Step 5: Coffee and Tea Tag

There you go - coffee and tea cup tags -



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