Coffee Collector




Cafes and restaurants can store their coffee grounds so compost can be made out of it.
This coffee collector has been designed to prevent mould on the (wet) coffee grounds.

Restaurant personnel can empty the content of their portafilter in this box or they can fill it with the grounds from their coffee machines.

This instructable is part of a system called Coffee Cycle:
Biodegradable flower pots out of coffee grounds!
Bike pannier (front & rear)
Burlap sack for bicycle basket

Tell me more about the Coffee Cycle project!

Step 1: Preparation

Collect materials:
- Box
- Strainer
- Ruler
- Drill
- Paper tape
- 4 bolts and nuts (M5x10)

Step 2: Measuring

First tape off the places where you want to drill. Then you measure exactly where to drill and draw a cross.

Step 3: Drill

To drill the holes for the bolts, use a drill with the same diameter as the bolts.

Step 4: Bolts and Nuts

Put the bolts through the holes but make sure the heads of the bolts are on the outside of the box. Screw the nuts on the bolts.

Step 5: Strainer

Place the strainer on the bolts. It’s easy to take of the strainer and clean everything.

Step 6: Personalize

To personalize the box you can put a sticker on it. To be sure the sticker won’t come loose you could buy waterproof stickers.

This instructable is part of a larger system called Coffee Cycle.

Coffee Cycle: Used coffee grounds are collected from cafés and restaurants in the neighbourhood with a modified bicycle. These grounds serve as a compost material to grow plants. The coffee grounds are also used to create the biodegradable flower pots which are then given back to the participating restaurants and cafes.

More info here:

Tell me more about the Coffee Cycle project!



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