Coffee Pot Ramen

Introduction: Coffee Pot Ramen

If you're like me, a very poor college boy with highly irregular eating patterns, you know how though it can be to not be allowed so much as a microwave in your room. But I found years ago while camping that I can cook a good number of items in a coffee pot. My dad taught me hot dogs, my mom taught me macaroni, the rest I just tested and figured out.

I know this sounds a little gross, but so long as you wash your coffee pot fairly well before and after you shouldn't have any problems with taste.

Seriously though, wash your coffee pot, unless you really, REALLY, like coffee the taste is just terrible.

Since ramen is one of the cheapest foods out there, and coffee pots are one of the things that pretty much every college student has, this dish fits perfectly into the average college budget of approximately 25 cents.

All you need is:
Water (2-6 cups)
Coffee pot

I've only tried this with a standard coffee maker, I have a single cup machine but I use that exclusively for coffee, and I don't know how well that would work, if it would work. I'm almost positive it can't be done in a Keurig machine.

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Step 1: Prep and Cooking

You'll want to prepare the pot as if you were making coffee, but break up the ramen and place it in the filter where the coffee would go.

I usually break it into eighths and fit it in there like that.

Then start the brewing cycle just like it was coffee.
After it's done once, you'll need to open it, rearrange the noodles so that the ones that weren't fully cooked are moved to the inside. then pour the water back in the tank and run it one more time.

Step 2: Season, Eat, and Enjoy

Move your cooked ramen to a bowl, stir in the seasoning, and you are good to go.

Enjoy your poor college boy ramen!

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    3 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    thanks!! this is an interesting idea (and now i am curious about the macaroni, LOL), but i can't help but have a slight concern about re-using the water for the second run...
    obviously, it's more practical!! but what about the noodle starch in it? that can't be good for the coffeemaker's innards, conjures up images of clogged arteries, LOL ;))
    or does the coffee filter prevent that from being an issue?
    (and tell more about coffee pot macaroni, LOL!! ;D )