Coffee Stirrer Chaingun

Introduction: Coffee Stirrer Chaingun

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i dont know much about instructables, this will be my first one, but this is a coffee stirrer minigun
7-coffee stirrers
4-tiny rubber bands (i used the ones that go on my braces)
1-battery (i used 3.7v li-ion from a phone
1-electric motor (i got from old cd player)
1-cotton swab (as my stirrers were to large for the shaft)

1st, you want to take the seven stirrers and bind them together with the rubber bands, two up front, two in the rear or however you prefer, there should be one stirrer in the middle to keep the others in position.

2nd, you want to tare off cotton on one side (if using swab) needs to be hollow, and then cut half off the cotton on the other side leaving exposed hole and some cotton to stabilize the barrels, shove the swab on the motor's shaft cotton side.

3rd, shove the center retainer barrel on the swab all the way down, but not touching the motor, cause that'll slow it down or prevent it from turning at all, attach switch (i did not have one, or i do but i dont want to solder right now) and attach to battery, do not exceed 5 volts or if a 12 volt, dont exceed that either, unless you have lots and lots of little rubber bands or tape across the barrels, they will fly apart.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    no it didnt, that would be WAY to complex for me, its basically 6 coffee stirrers plus 1 in the middle for support held together by rubber bands connected to a DC motor

    welcome to instructables! cool idea, what are the specs of the motor you are using? Are you running it at full speed? Also, just to let you know, you can embed videos from youtube in instructables following these steps:


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    it came from a cd player, it can run extremely fast on 14.5 volt which instantly destroyed the gun, in my box of power supplies, i found 12 volts, also, not quite but almost instantly killed itself, but i found 9 volts worked great, in this, i got a 3.7 li-ion battery, wasnt even full charge and worked great for the video, but the more rubber bands you have on hand, the more voltage you can apply, but take heat, literally, i almost burned this motor on 12 volts, i used this heat sink twice its size and was to hot to touch after 4 - 5 minutes