Coffee Table Out of a .... Car Wheel

I decided to make a coffee table out of a wheel that I really liked. Here is a quick fly over the steps.

The wheel is a Ruffino 20 inch wheel.

Lower plate is a 19 inch steel circle and base steel tube is 3 inch in diameter. Everything is welded together and wheel is attached with bolts in case I want to change for another wheel for a different look.


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Step 1: Support Leg Materials

Step 2: Cutting Out a Support Plate

Step 3: Make Holes and Weld Top Support Plate

Step 4: Testing the Assembly

Step 5: Weld Bottom Support Plate

Step 6: Finish and Paint

Step 7: Closer Look

Step 8: Final Look With the Top Glass (top)

Please note that the glass is not attached and is misaligned on this picture. I am still not sure about the type of glass I want to use. Any ideas?

Step 9: Final Look With the Top Glass (side)

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    This is a really cool idea, I would love to feature this project, but it needs more text documentation for your steps. Will you respond to this comment if you add more? I'd love to see this table on the home page.