Coffin Guitar Amp Mini





Introduction: Coffin Guitar Amp Mini

It's a portable guitar amp in a shape of coffin!
It works on one 9 volt battery, just like a guitar effect pedal.
And this amp plugs straight into guitar, without any cabels,
so it is very easy to use wile walking around somethig.
   hope you enjoy it !! )))



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    21 Discussions

    OK i'll try to make it.
    If you mean the case, No, it's made of .... cardboard... I've made it myself. 
    But  i bought the speaker in a special shop. (you can take it out of a PC speakers, if you like)  
    And I've also made my own amp circuit.

    You can make the case stronger by brushing PVA glue all over the cardboard, which will then set like clear plastic.

    I'd also like to know about the circuit, could explain how to make it? (I'm a bit new to circuits and such)

    yeah, it's the speaker/ amp circuit that i would be most interested in.

    hey hey!
    i have finaly published an instuctible of a Coffin Gutar amp !!!!

    hope you like it ! rate!

    hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey.............................can you tell us how you made that......0_0 plz...

    my brother needs something like this, could you either post the schematic, or give some links to your sources? thanks!

    Suitable to play death metal, he he.
    Was the shape intentional or was it just to fit circuit?

    the song was Tears In Heaven  by  Eric Clapton.
    almost all parts i used i've found at home.
    but if you gonna buy those, it would cost about 10$ or less. it depends on were you're buying parts.  yeah, probably less, maybe even 5$

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    Dude, it sucks! its too noisy, its too big, it sound really bad. it doesn't even look like coffin. its definitely not better than mine. By the way, HEY EVERYONE, im gonna make a 'how to' video in a few days!!

    It might be better to put it on a cable with a belt clip, the stress on the jack input might cause it to break, or bend the internal wires on the jack, or a strap to take all the weight off of the jack and input to help it

     hi, can you bring to us, the schematics please, your project is very good

    its really cool but can u do a step by step guide on how to make the whole thing including the amp circuit

    it looks cool. but it will only fit (when i say fit i mean people can see the speaker) on a strat style input. unlike my guitar the jack is on the bottom of the body. otherwise sweet ible. 

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    it fits amost all guitars. i've tested it in local guitar shop :) 
    it only does not fit guitars that have just vertical input jack in front .