Coffin Shaped Leather Bag




Introduction: Coffin Shaped Leather Bag

Hobby made coffin shaped leather bag made of leftover leathers.

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Step 1: What You Need

I bought some leftover leather from a workshop where car carpits are made, so these are around 0,3 mm thick.
Chosen different types, mostly cow ,but there is some horse too ,already dyed.
Quantity depends on the size you want , you can calculate if you have the plan already. this one I think is less then 0,25square-meter.
i put one layer of 1mm nubuck inside for the fron and back parts.
And also one layer of supporting material to keep the shape for all parts. Dont ask me what is it, I went to a sewing shop, and ask them what they suggest ;)

a zip.

rivets for decoration and fixing, some chain for the strap, and a fitting for the strap.

a good scissor

sewing machine that can sew leather

a needle for specially leather, normal needle wont do.

I used normal thread, there might be threads specially for leather for sewing machine. I have thread for hand sewing, but it didnt work with the machine. Always stopped.

Most expensive parts were the studs and spikes, they cost around 15 EUR.

I bought much more leather then I used for this bag, guess for a quantity like this : can be around 10 EUR.

Step 2: Design and Cut

Try to draw a nice shaped coffin, and a cross too for the front.

Then add 0,5-1 cm for sewing. This is valid also for the side, and top part of it, but at the top part yu have to consider the width of the zip too.

When put together: actually I saw only the two layers of leather, not the inside part, nor the supporter material. So those are smaller then the base shape.

Also you can put two small parts, where you can hang it on your belt. Those were attached with a simple rivet.

Step 3: Cut Parts, and Start Sewing

Cut the cross shape out of the front piece, and cut a bigger one from an other material; I used the horse leather for the cross. Then turn the front piece, and I used tape to fix the cross temporary to be able to sew together. use small stiches, so its easier to follow the shape.

I used the same decoration on the sidepiece to, with an oval shape.

Then if you have other decorations like studs, spikes, rivets, then do it now, so if afterwards you apply inner layer, it wont get through it, when fix it.

On the 4th picture you can see the supporting material sewed to the front piece. This material went to every part of it, so it keeps the shape well.

For the strap I used a combination of chain, and a piece of leather with spikes, and studs.

I didnt want to make fittings difficult, so I used carabiners, and a simple fitting to attach the chains to the bag. Easily detachable, and adjustable.

Step 4: Put It Together

I sewed the bag inside out, so edges are not seen at the end. If you do this: put together the front side of the material.

I wanted to minimize hand stitching, so I chose to do the zip that way. Only one layer of leather has to be punched by hand-needle. And also didnt sew the upper part to the side part: used studs and rivets for this. This is where an addtional small leather part is fixed which holds the fitting.

Then on the back part the rivets were not fixed properly, so I changed it to an other one (also there is the upport on it), and used different rivets, which have to be fixed by hammer. It works better.

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