Coffin in a Day



Introduction: Coffin in a Day

After making a couple of standard toe pincher coffins, I wanted to make something a little more modern. It's modular to store in the attic or garage.

Supply List:
2 - 8' 2x12
2 - 8' 1x2
4 - 8' 1x3
2 - 8' crown molding
3/4" plywood for arches
1 sheet polyfoam insulation
2" masking tape
Pint of black latex paint

piano hindge
white silk material
chrome towl rack
2'x4' hard board

The interior dimensions are 24"x72" and lid arch dimensions are provided.
The bottom is left hollow, I place blocks on the interior to hold a precut 24"x48" sheet of hardboard.

I've included the autocad file to pull the dimensions from.



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