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The new experiment of the ‘make it extreme’ team is the making of a machine that will be able to revolve using electromagnets.

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Step 1: Electromagnets

To start with, we first collected 4 electromagnets having the total power of elevating an object weighing 200kg. Then, we placed the electromagnets in an immovable, metallic piece that was the basis of our machine. Next, we put a movable metallic material above the electromagnets that it declines due to the attraction caused by the electromagnets and it returns back to the primary point with the help of a spring. Doing this small, retrogressive move and using a system with gears, we are causing a constant, revolving move at the final point of our machine.

Step 2: Moving a Wheel

Achieving this revolving move, our goal has been obtained moving a wheel of a bicycle. Therefore, although the wheel was being moving slow, this goal has been successfully obtained. Thus, besides the experience and the joy that we gained making this machine that is very precious and priceless to us, we came into our conclusions, as well. We concluded that we managed to make the most simplified kind of machine that gives us move very easily. Also, the electromagnets and their effectiveness as well as the way they move and they were placed, they form hundreds of combinations in order to increase the performance of the electromagnetic motor to be absolutely functional and effective.

Step 3: Video

Accomplishing the particular experiment, made us make plans for the future thinking to make a vehicle that will be moved by electromagnets since we are very satisfied by the outcome we got by the particular project.

Maybe if we made a camshaft, the revolving move would be faster and smoother. To complete this project, we used electromagnets of 12volts with 50mm diameter.

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    4 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago

    How plate fluctuate between magnet and use of this coil engine


    3 years ago

    Would it suit your design objectives to use an external control scheme ? I'm thinking that if the "armature" mounted some Nd magnets and the commutator operated a polarity reversing relay feeding the coils and there were another set of coils on the opposite side.........Hmmmm.

    I noted that you took your welding ground thru the workbench when welding to the first wheel hub and then to the sprocket segments for the other welds . Did the workbench ground damage the bearings ?

    Akin Yildiz

    3 years ago

    great, soothing video.. metal is my weakest skill. would love to machine designs like that one day.. what would you improve to increase or smooth out the output.?


    3 years ago

    A devioce using electro magnets to produce rotation is often know as an electric motor. The type you have here is somewhat modeled on early motors that use the steam engine ( back and forth motion ) method of conversion to the generally more useful rotary motion.