Coil Face Jug

Things you will need:

1.) Clay

2.) Extuder

3.) People who are hardworking

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Step 1: Choose Your Template, a Through E

Step 2: Use Your Template to Roll Out a Piece of Clay and Cut a Circle

Step 3: Roll Longer Coils As You Get Farther in Building the Pot

Step 4: Score and Slip the Bottom of Your Circle and Use Vinegar When You Put the Coil on Top

Step 5: When You Put the Coils on Top of Each Other, Then Smooth It Out With Your Fingers or a Small Wet Sponge

Step 6: When You're Done for the Day, Make Sure You Cover Your Project With a Bag. Make Sure There Is No Air in It.

Step 7: Now You're Pot Is Ready to Have a Face Put On.

Step 8: Now, You Are All Finished With Your Jug, Put It in the Back of the Room and Wait for It to Go Threw the Kiln. When It Is Ready Then You Can Paint It. Then Put It in the Back Room and Wait Again for It to Be Done.

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