Coil Pot




Intro: Coil Pot

Im going to show you how to make and decorate a coil pot using clay .

Step 1: Coil Pot

1. Get a piece of clay, flatten then cut into a round shape.
2. Next, roll some clay into a long sausage to make a coil.

3. Attach more coils until you are happy with height of your pot. smooth the sides as you build the pot.

4. Take a damp sponge & gently wipe the sides to make the pot smooth.

5. To create the rim, add a few more coils & smooth the sides

Step 2: To Finish Coil Pot

6. To make decorations, model some fresh clay.

7.To attach decorations, wet the clay, score some criss-cross lines on where you want to attach pieces wet the piece of clay and attach to pot .



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    2 years ago

    Beautiful work! I love the flower designs. Nice first instructable.

    1 reply