Coiled Wire Frame for an Un-drilled Stone





Introduction: Coiled Wire Frame for an Un-drilled Stone

This is a very quick and easy wrap for an undrilled stone. It works great for crystal points (both single and double terminated) as well as tumbled stones. The pendant pictures only took about 30 minutes to complete. I've done some smaller ones in less time than that. This is a style that is great for men's jewelry because it's simple and not overtly feminine, but can also be worn by women as well.



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    I used 20 gauge for the frame and 28 gauge for the coiling. You can find the full instructions on my blog. Here's the link. This one should be either the 4th or 5th project down from the top.

    Where do you buy stones like these?

    Very Very Nice! I have been looking for a wrap like this! Thank you for sharing!

    This reminds me of Disney's Atlantis.

    this is amazing, i have a collection of stones and i have been wondering if there was a simple yet pretty way of making necklaces out of them and i do believe you have found that way, thank you for this wonderful instructable.