Coin Box (Piggy Bank)



Introduction: Coin Box (Piggy Bank)

Here is another weekend project. This time it was a gift for a soon to be married couple.

Step 1: Find Some Old Pieces of Wood

Found some nice pieces of teak.

They where part of a previous project gone wrong. :)

Step 2: Cut the to Size

As these pieces was already cut I just had to make use of what I had.

I worked on Length of 200mm, height of 120mm and width 140mm.

Then I cut 4 pieces of 200mm long and 120 mm wide.

and 2 of 140mm by 140mm.

Step 3: Router the Edges

I have Adjusted the my router to cut a recess around the edges that is 10mm from edge and 8mm deep.

Then cut the recess on all 4 sides of the 2end covers.

And reduce the width of 2 side to 110mm to fit in between the other 2 sides

Step 4: Glue Every Thing to Gather.

Using the wood glue I glue all the sides except for the lid. Use clamps and leave to dry.

Step 5: Add Some Markings

I have printed some Afrikaans words and stuck them to the side.

Using my Pencil grinder I had cut the word in to the side.

When that was done I painted the words Black.

After the paint had dried I sanded every thing.

Step 6: Had the Lid, Hinges and Lock

Added the hinges.

Cut Key hole & groove for the Locking mechanism.

Step 7: Make a Cover for the Key Hole.

I Had a piece of copper pipe around.

I then cut it open flatten it.

The marked the desired shape.

The I cut and filed it to what I needed.

Step 8: Make It Pretty

After sanding I use Teac oil wipe the complete box.

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