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Introduction: Double Sided Coin Earrings

How to convert the most common items into cool obscurities. You can use any coin U.S. Or any country. I live in The U.S.A. So I use coins available. Today I will make dime earrings. Like I said before any coin will work.

Tools and where to get
Tap and die punch- harbor freight 30$ amazon 80$
Steel hammer- any tool place 15$
Doming block set- harbor freight 40$
Leather- free if you get scraps from carpenters
Torch/heat gun- 10-20$ any tool store.

Step 1: Punching the Hole

A drill or a punch an die set will work just fine. You do not want the coin centered as the earring will look strange. Drill a whole or punch a whole into the periphery of the coin. As seen above. Repeat this to make two earrings for a set.

Step 2: Doming the Earrings

Heat the coin with torch or this time I used a drill master heat gun, to make the coin easier to work with. Put leather on both sides so you don't flatten the image. This step is easy go for a bowl in the doming block that is bigger then the coin. Te smaller the whole the coin goes in the more of a bowl shape it will have.

Step 3: Polishing to a Mirror Finish.

As I said before in my first guide on coin rings, I use mothers mag and aluminum polish this is cheaper then most products and it works great. Take a drop of polish and a rag and rub until coin is mirror like or until you like the look.

Step 4: Adding the Earring Hanger

I don't know the name of these parts (my bad this is my first pair) but through the whole we punched earlier we can put metal wire to hole the dime and through the ear.

Step 5: Notes and Things to Know

I used dimes because they are lighter then some coins and more comfortable because they don't drag you down by your ears. To use coins older then 1964 are silver coins and they also look better then polished nickel on new coins. You don't need to dome it, but I think it kind of shines light and attracts attention as makes a statement. This is a cheap way to make earrings that are unique. No two are the same coins are different ages and come in different qualities. Please enjoy this how to and try it out. I will

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I have a leather vest made once that has mercury dimes on all of the snaps. I think they were done the same way as that earring. Pretty cool!