Coin Stamping Die

Introduction: Coin Stamping Die

This is a simple coin stamping die. I made it at the TechShop ( You will need access to techshop equipment to make this.

1. Take a long round 2'' diameter tool steel bar, and cut it into smaller 2'' tall piece using the Band Saw in the metal shop.
2.  Draw the die design using vector graphics, and export it as a large png file.
3. Import the png into VCarvePro available at Techshop computers. Trace the image into vcarve pro vector format.
4. Get a micro ball nose end mill like the R216.42-00130-FC01G Sandvik Coromant 1700.
5. Set the feeds and speeds in VCarvePro to be: 0.0004'' radial depth of cut, 0.0002 axial depth of cut, SFM 5 ft/min, RPM 4775, Feed rate 0.955.
6. Trace the toolpaths using VCarve Pro, and take them to PCNC 1100 CNC Mill in Techshop Machine room.
7. Use the larger endmills to clear out a plain surface on the metal piece, and then attach the micro end mill to trace the tool path of the coin design.
8. Use a hand 

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