Coin Roll Dynamite

Introduction: Coin Roll Dynamite

Have you ever been invited to an event where gifts have to be in a form of cash donation and have resorted to putting some cash in an envelope with "Envelope wages" written on it? Here is another clever way to create a cash gift which has quite an impact - the coint roll dynamite. With readily available tool from you household you can create a very realistic looking dynamite.

WARNING! - I do not suggest walking around in public with the dynamite present visible - this might cause chaos and police brutality.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need the following tools:
 - a paper knife
 - scissors
 - a ruler

and the following materials:
 - 6 rolls of coins - can be obtained from a bank
 - some clear tape
 - some black duck tape
 - red colored paper
 - paper glue
 - tiny bit of plasticine
 - a sparkler

Step 2: Preparing the Coin Rolls

If you do a google image search for dynamite, you will find that the sticks are elongated so I opted to pair two coin rolls together with some clear tape.

Step 3: Cutting Cover Paper

Now cut out 3 pieces of rectangles from the red colored paper. The rectangles have to be about 6mm longer than the two coin rolls taped together and about 4mm wider than the circumference of the coin roll. Easiest way to get the required with is to roll the coin roll in the paper and make a little mark with the paper knife where to cut.

Next cut out 6 circular pieces from the red paper for the caps of the dynamite. You can use a spare coin of the same size for a template.

Step 4: Wrapping the Sticks

First take the circular red paper pieces. If your coin rolls are anything like the ones i had, you can simply press the red circles under the exitsing paper wrapping which extends over the coin roll.

Now take the large red rectangle and cover one side with the paper glue. Place the coin roll at the center of the longer side of the rectangular piece of paper and using a smooth rolling motion wrap the coin roll in the paper.

You should now have the coin roll covered with red paper and about 3mm of it extending over both ends of the roll. If the glue has dried on the inside of the extensions, apply some more fresh glue there. Now just bend the extensions over the existing paper wrapping.

Repeat the process for each coin roll.

Step 5: Putting the Whole Thing Together

Take the three red sticks and place them in such a way that the overlapping paper edges point towards the center of the triangle for a nice clean look. Place a little piece of plasticine in the middle of the dynamite sticks at one end. This is where we'll later attach the sparkler.

Cut 3 pieces of black duck tape and wrap it around the three sticks. Make sure the whole setup is nice and rigid.

Take a sparkler and stick it into the plasticine leaving a clearance of about a centimeter or two between the dynamite sticks and the sparkling material on the sparkler to avoid the paper wrapping catching fire.

Step 6: Done

You have now completed your first dynamite, fake one at least.

For a greater surprise element, light the sparkler beforehand so when the gift receiver gets the present, it's already on fire and it's up to him/her to defuse the bomb :) - timing is everything.

As always - SAFETY FIRST!
 - Stay away from flammable materials, clothing, paper etc
 - Preferrably light the sparkler outside

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    10 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    "That will be $2.50 please."
    "I'm sorry, I don't have cash. Do you accept dynamite?"


    10 years ago on Introduction

     I just made one this morning as a christmas gift for my friend. He's gonna be like WTF A BOMB?

    Anyways, I didn't understand how to make the ends of the dynamite... They way you made it look. Mines just folded down at the ends. Which kinda sucks. No pics sorry. :P