Coins Tree




Who said that money doesn't grow on trees ?!

That's false ! To prove it, you will need 2 steel plates and about 50 magnets.

Here's a quick tutorial to expain how to build your own magnetic tree.

Step 1: Draw Your Tree

First you need to draw your ideal tree.
For me, it must contains cat and birds, but feel free to customize your own.

You can use Illustrator or Inkscape, a freeware who is able to create vector files and export them as dxf files.

Please notice the semicircle that shall support to the tree when folded.

Step 2: Cut Steel

Unfortunately there is no Fablab with a cutting laser near my house.
But thanks to Internet, i was able to ordered cutouts by sending the attached DXF file and select the material.

I choose galvanized steel and 48 later i received my order !

Do not choose too thick steel, otherwise you are not able to bend it easily.

Step 3: Fold the Support

To stand the tree it's necessary to bend the semiround part at 90 degrees.
I used a work bench for holding the base and push both parts of the tree in a different way.

Step 4: Magnetize

Once fold, you can put your magnets on the branches and some on the trunk.

You can now join the two parts together.

Wear gloves for this operation.
Getting stuck a finger between two steel plates could hurt you seriously !

Step 5: Tada !

Congratulations !
You can now magnetize coins on the tree !

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, please let me know if you like it or build one.



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