Coke Bottle Lamp

Today I will show you how to make an Awesome Lamp for your place of residence!

Step 1: Materials

Okay, first for this project you will need the following items;

  • Arduino Uno (or any other arduino that has digital pins)
  • An ATMega328 IC (with arduino)
  • Glass Coke or any other glass beverage bottle
  • Jumper Wires (or any wires you'd use on a PCB
  • 2 or more RGB LED (Depending on how big your bottle/container is)
  • Drill with a glass cutting bit
  • A Blank PCB ( radio shack has them)
  • Soldering Iron with Solder

Step 2: Preparing the Bottle

Okay for this Step you will need your Glass cutting/drilling bit.

Take the bottle and the your drill and Drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle big enough to fit the 5mm RGB.

Next Check to make sure that it's big enough because your Leds will need to go in the bottle. I dont have a picture at the moment but I will post one soon :)

In Mine there are 2 RGB LEDs in the bottle. I used some Copper Wire and Soldered the 2 RGB stems to each other so that there both connected.

Step 3: Building the Circuit

I have build what the circuit will look like on a breadboard schematic. But you know what to do if you use the PCB Just Solder the Connections to the IC ATMega 168 If you don't know what the pins are comment and ill show you. You may have a different RGB but same thing, the only difference is, that the resistor needs to go to the Common Cathode Pin on the RGB. Now in the picture theres only one RGB but thats why you use copper wire and solder the connections to the other RGB.

You will need a container. you can use a project box, and if needed trim the PCB to fit with a Dremel

Step 4: Finishing

Then Put the RGB through the hole you made (assuming the bottle is empty. The you may build a stand or just set it up. The next step is how to Do this on a PCB breadboard.

Step 5: Building It on the PCB

For this you are going to need a PCB breadboard. a 2x3 in PCB is what I used.

You'll Need:

  • A ATMEGA328 IC Socket holder
  • PCB
  • Solder
  • Wire



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    Gaige Kerns

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry, working on building it, I have everything but the drill bit so ;) Soon :)