Coke-Can-Chicken: Figurine/cream Holder/oil Lamp




I drink a lot of soda and end up with a many empty aluminum cans that cry to be crafted up.

I played around with the cans and came up with this 'coke-can-chicken' figurine.
And in the spirit of 'turning something junk into something useful'. I thought that these coke-can-chickens can be further elaborated into for example, a cream holder or a oil lamp.

My idea for the cream holder was to make it such that cream can be poured into the chicken from its tail, and cream comes out of the beak, and some sort of lever mechanism can cause it's beak to open and close by pressing the chicken wings. But I have not figured out how to get the beak to open/close by pressing the wing yet. But I photoshopped the chicken pouring out cream picture to better illustrate the 'chicken creamer' idea.

My second idea is much easier to made, and also much cooler. I imagine filling up the chicken (the coke bottle belly) with kerosene, putting a wick in the kerosene, and putting the end of the wick in the chicken's mouth. This will turn the chicken figurine into a oil lamp! And when we light the wick in the chicken's mouth, we will have a fire-breathing chicken! The oil lamp picture is also photoshopped, I have not yet gotten the supplies (oil and wick) to carry this idea to completion.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, but please post details about making one of my own.