Coke Tab Bracelet



Introduction: Coke Tab Bracelet

Difficulty: Complex
-Some level of crafting skill required

Time: Approximately 30 minutes
-Not including time to decorate

Safety: Overlap tabs so you do not cut skin

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Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:

Elastic string (any color)
Soda tabs (at least 20)
Sharpies or nail polish (used to decorate)

-If you wish to decorate bracelet, paint soda tabs with sharpies or nail polish before putting bracelet together. The tabs will need time to dry.

Step 2: Remove the Small Ring That Holds the Tab to the Soda Can

Step 3: Take String and Loosely Wrap It Around Wrist 4 Times

-It's better to wrap loosely and have too much string than to not have enough string to finish bracelet.

Step 4: Cut String

Step 5: Lay Tabs Back to Back. Smooth Sides Are on the Outside and the Same Size Holes Should Align

-Make sure you have an even number of tabs

Step 6: Fold String in Half

Step 7: Thread Each End of the String Through a Separate Hole

Step 8: Move the Soda Tab So It Sits in the Center With Equal Length of String on Each Side

Step 9: Pull String to the Side So It Is Out of the Way

Step 10: Place a Coke Tab on Top of the Coke Tab Used in Steps 6-8, So Rough Sides Are Touching and the Similarly-shaped Holes Are Aligned

Step 11: Loop the Top String Through the Top Holes & Loop the Bottom String Through the Bottom Holes

-Be sure to loop through BOTH coke tabs

Step 12: Flip Bracelet Over

Step 13: Pull String Out of the Way

Step 14: Add Another Tab So That It Lies Next to the First Tab and on Top of the Second

Step 15: Thread String Through Both Opposite Holes. (top String Through Bottom Holes and Bottom String Through Top Holes So That It Makes an X)

-be sure to loop string through BOTH tabs

Step 16: Pull String Tight So That It Looks Like Picture

Step 17: Repeat Steps 11-15 Until Desired Length Is Achieved, Leaving a Little Extra String in Order to Tie End Knot

Step 18: Thread String Through the End Tab Same Holes (so That the Bottom String Goes Through the Bottom Hole and the Top String Goes Through the Top Hole)

Step 19: Repeat Step 14 to Combine the Two Ends of Bracelet

Step 20: Tie a Double Knot on Inside of Bracelet

Step 21: Cut Off Excess String

You have now completed your coke tab bracelet!

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