Coketab Chain Mail

Here's a great way to reuse old coke tabs to make chai mail this could be used to make any thing even a shirt

Come tabs
Wire snips

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Step 1: Gather Coke Tabs

Get as many coke tabs as you can it takes a lot just to warn you

Step 2: Shape

This is not nessery but it gives character to the chain mail and makes it look more realistic all you have to do is pinch the tab over the wide hole at top and bend down to make a sorta v

Step 3: Cut

This is so you can link the tabs together all you have to do is cut a slot directly above where it connects to the can

Step 4: Link

This is hard to explain so I took plenty of pictures all you have to do is take the slot you just cut and link it to the bottom of another tab

Step 5: Add

Just keep adding links to make what ever you want to make have fun!

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    5 years ago

    I did the same thing over a month ago when i was bored glad to see that people like to fiddle with coke tabs in new ways.

    13, 10:29 PM.jpg