Cola "spider" Drink

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This drink may resemble muddy pond scum but i can assure you it tastes much better (well..i assume so as i've never actually eaten pond scum!) this refreshing drink is a strange yet tasty combination that can be whipped up in seconds with only two ingredients!! (and good to drink while making  an instructable!)
PS i don't know why this drink is called a "spider" but thats what i've always known it as :D

Ice Cream (i personally prefer vanilla with this)
soft drink (soda)
(you can use any flavored soda but i've found that i prefer cola rather then lemonade etc)

scoop some ice cream into a glass, the amount depends on your personal preference but i like a lot of ice cream as that way it won't just melt into the first bit of cola.

CAREFULLY pour a little bit of cola on top of the ice cream. it with froth up a lot so don't pour the entire can of drink in or you'll end up with a cola volcano all over your bench! (you may need to add a small amount at a time, but you can always top the glass up)

Stir a little to mix together and ENJOY

this is a great summer drink that i still like now, on a cool winters evening :D
so if your bored of plain soft drinks or just want something new, you should try this :)

thanks for reading
please post any comments, questions or suggestions :)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Another job well done, AAG!

    In the States, we call this a "Float". The soft drink used is typically Root Beer.

    The alcoholic alter-ego teams up with vodka and kahlua. It's called a Frozen Colorado Bulldog.

    I call either rendition "Delicious!" ;-P~

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