Cold Brew Coffee Maker DIY

Introduction: Cold Brew Coffee Maker DIY

I am gonna show you how to make an awesome Cold Brew Coffee Maker DIY Step By Step

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Step 1: What You Will Have

These are what you will see when you receive your DIY KIT

There are different colors and you can choose from and mine will be the black

Step 2: Step 1~3

Now let's begin

1. Do the sanding over the wooden stand with the sanding paper, nice & smooth~

2. Put on your gloves

3. Shake the stain bottle before use, then pour on a disposable plate

Step 3: Cold Brew Coffee Maker DIY Step 4~6

4. use the sponge and stir a little

5. start putting on color

6. when you are done dry in a place where there is some wind for 2~4 hours

if you wanna make to stronger color, you can repeat these steps

Step 4: Cold Brew Coffee Maker Diy (Step 7~12)

After Stain is all dried up, it's time for assembling

7. Begin with the bottom

8~12 then continue assembling like a puzzle game

Step 5: Last Steps

13. Assemble Ring & Cap

14~16 Put in Drip adjuster & tube

17. Put up the bottle

18. put in tube in the Middle bottle (for filter & coffee)

19~21 and lastly the bottom bottle

Step 6: Cold Brew Coffee Maker Diy Done!

For the best taste, leave in the fridge 3~4 days which will give you the amazing coffee

DIY coffee maker is done :) Enjoy your coffee :)

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    7 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    You havent shown us how to make anything, only assembly of your kit.

    This instructable should be renamed to Cold Brew Kit Assembly.


    1 year ago on Introduction

    This site is about making not selling your crap from eBay unless you are posting the files this post makes no sense.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This seems to be just a very expensive and overly complicated version of using a french press. Why is this better?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is basically an advert for your kit.........................


    5 years ago

    At 189 dollars it's a very expensive kit!