Cold Fizzin' a Bridge Over the Pit of Despair


Introduction: Cold Fizzin' a Bridge Over the Pit of Despair

All over the world makers, tinkerers, inventors and hackers have been coming up with great ideas.
The problem comes when they try to turn them into products they can share with the world.

When a garage entrepreneurs try to sell a product, more often than not they wind up in the Pit of Despair (

This is what happens when one person does all the functions a company would have as separate departments:
Manufacturing, receiving, packaging, accounting, marketing, etc.

For one small product each discipline only takes a little time, but they can add up to the majority of a creators time, leaving little time for creating or even your day job!.

What we need is a company that contains talented people in all those other disciplines so the the inventor can get back to creating potential new products.

That's what Cold Fizzin' is, a company with all the departments it takes to make and sell products - except for the design and engineering.
We will take ideas from people at maker and hacker spaces as well as individual inventors around the world.  Provide the support systems they need to produce and market a product.
And let them get back to creating new designs.



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    If you're an engineer who isn't a lot of other functions; how can you persuade professionals (in the areas you are not) to work for the company?
    Who would be the person that knows how to run the company (in it's component departments) & make the important decisions - you?


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    The 1 minute pitch is rather lacking on details (talk to Jack about that :-)

    The idea for Cold Fizzin' is to find a good CEO and hire people with experience in the various positions just like any other company would. Then support multiple projects from multiple designers with one staff, its just economy of scale except you are scaling up the number of products, not the volume of a single product.


    Without money, would this really be yours; or would it be effectively the CEO's / investors'?
    I get the idea but I don't see how you would own it.


    I am less concerned about getting rich off this idea than getting it in place to help all the back yard engineers who have a good idea worth sharing but don't have the resources to share it.

    Yes, the people who put up the money and own the company have the ability to change the direction or ruin the system. My hope is with the right starting direction and mission statement we can build the platform we need to make these products available and get some money back to the designers.