Cold Porcelain Golden Snitch and Snitged




About: phylology student, cold porcelain modeler, and a little gamer, well, somethings more

when I'm bored or with too much free time, I like to do things in cold porcelain that´s my hobbie, this was an Idea I made for a Harry Potter group and well, I like that saga

is a polystyrene ball covered with cold porcelain, paper feathers and painted with golden paint

to see the step by step  here is the link



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    i want step by step..........hmm......cold porcelain? where do i get it? what is it? is it a type of paint or a ceramic clay.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    cold porcelain is not porcelain actually (lol) is a modelling clay, doesn't require heating, because it gets hard by exposure to fresh air you can handle like plasticine, but it gets hard, to give the color, use oil painting to mix it or after it gets hard paint with acryllic paintings. is easy to work, non toxic and inexpensive

    you can find cold porcelain y art stores or stores of handcraft materials, but if there's no possibility to find one, I let you the recipe to make it

    and some tips to work with it :D