Cold Smoke Generator




Intro: Cold Smoke Generator

Hello! I apologize for my English, this is all Google translator.Inspired by the idea of cold smoking, I decided to make my own smoke generator. As a material, I decided to use a stainless mesh. I think it will last me long.

Step 1: Smoke 1

First I made a smoke generator of this type. The time of his work is 5.5-6 hours. This product requires less material, but more difficult to manufacture. Also, to give the product a decent appearance, accuracy in measurements is required. I decided that although the appearance and does not affect the performance in the product should be a certain aesthetics.Therefore, option 1 had to be abandoned.

Step 2: Smoke 2

So, I went along the path of simplification. As I said, this option requires more material, but it is easier to manufacture.
As you can see in the photo, the design is extremely simple.

Step 3: Test

During the test, I constantly controlled my smoke generator. The photos are taken every 1.5 hours. My smoke generator went out after about 6 hours, without finishing it. I think he could work theoretically for about 9 hours.

In general, I'm satisfied. However, I do not like the quality of the smoke. Such smoke generators are suitable for a small volume. For a larger volume, several devices are required. In the future I plan to use pellets, I hope I will get better smoke.

I hope my experience will be useful. Good luck!



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    9 Discussions


    7 months ago

    Can you cook anything good thats vegiterian with it.

    1 reply

    Reply 6 months ago

    I would think smoked mushrooms should be all the rage. This instructable has got my brain stimulated. Woo Hoo.


    7 months ago

    I already have a store-bought version of this and I can attest that pellets DO burn better than sawdust or chips (I have tried both). For those questioning, I have used it in a Weber Kettle to smoke bacon slabs, pastrami, cheese, and salmon. It will produce plenty of smoke for cold smoking items, but produces very little heat. You can add a separate pan of charcoal or wood chunks if you need heat added.


    7 months ago

    This is for meat smoking right? If so, then you should enter the cooking contest.

    1 reply

    Question 7 months ago

    Is it safe? I am afraid, it may produce carbon monoxide (CO)?

    1 more answer

    Answer 7 months ago

    The device is expected to be used outdoors